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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get the feed?

I can get the XML datafeed from ClickBank for free. Why should I subscribe to your feed?

How often are the datafeed files updated?

Why does the datafeed download page say that the files have not been updated since yesterday?

What is the difference between the three datafeed files?

I downloaded a feed file and it's all garbage characters. What happened and what should I do?

Why is the download button for one of the feed files disabled?


How many clickthroughs from my store go to me and how many to CBDealer?

I keep clicking links in my store and the hoplink never changes. I thought we were splitting clicks. Why does the same hoplink come up every time?

Can I have more than one CB Deals storefront?

Can I link to a particular item in my store?

I have my own affiliate website but I need to cloak the links. Can I just use the cloaked product links from my CB Deals store?


Can I have more than 1 adblock on a page?

My adblock keeps aligning to the left. How do I get it to display somewhere else?

I set the adblock to show 5 ads, but sometimes fewer ads display. Why is that?

In the Ad Stats page, what does Source URL unknown mean?